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Fingerprint Charm on a Key Chain

Materials: pure fine silver, sterling silver key ring

A pure, fine silver (.999) fingerprint charm taken from an actual ink or pencil fingerprint/thumbprint and lovingly hand cut into either a circle (shown with two fingerprints), s
ymmetrical heart shape (shown with one fingerprint), or Long heart shape, then added to a sterling silver key chain ring.

Customizations are available!

**Use the drop down menu to choose one fingerprint or two and to have custom writing added to your charm***

When you place your order, if you already have a JPEG of your fingerprint or thumbprint or have a sample of the custom writing, you can email the image to me as a JPEG to MayaBelleJewelry@gmail.com

If you do not already have the fingerprint/thumbprint, please click this link for instructions.How to make a JPEG fingerprint Instructions are provided so you can obtain the best fingerprint possible.

....the final piece will be kiln fired, antiqued to bring out the details of your cherished fingerprint, and sent back to you as a beautiful key chain for you to cherish forever.

Our Price: $95.00